Catherine Lacayo

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925 422 7640


Ph.D., Biochemistry Department, Stanford University, 2006
B.A., Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, 1999


I am currently investigating the process of autophagy, a conserved cellular recycling process, which could be potentially harnessed as an alternative strategy to combat infection. My past tenure as a postdoctoral fellow at LLNL focused on understanding changes in the plant cell wall during chemical and enzymatic degradation to help improve our knowledge of cell wall organization and aid current efforts in biofuel production. 


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Lacayo, C.I., Malkin, A., Holman H-Y.N., Chen, L., Ding, S-Y., Hwang M.S. and Thelen, M.P. Imaging cell wall architecture in single zinnia elegans tracheary elements.  Plant Physiology 2010. 154:121-133.

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Lacayo, C.I. and Theriot J.A. 2004. Listeria monocytogenes actin-based motility varies depending on subcellular location: a kinematic probe for cytoarchitecture.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 2004. 15: 2164-2175.